Finally: Agenda Visualization in FlexGanttFX

Probably a small step for mankind but a giant one for FlexGanttFX. I finished a first working version of actual agenda style visualization of Gantt chart data including editing capabilities. What really made a difference compared to previous attempts in the Swing FlexGantt is the new java.time API. LocalDate and LocalTime came in very handy and make the computation of x and y coordinates a piece of cake. You can see the new agenda layout in the video below.

The data in this example is fake, so you will not see any updates to the capacity profiles after changes to the agenda entries.

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4 thoughts on “Finally: Agenda Visualization in FlexGanttFX

  1. Super. Can we use this control? Is this open source?

  2. FlexGanttFX will not be available as open source. It is a commercial library. If you are interested you can join the early adopter program, which will start within the next couple of weeks. To get informed please subscribe to the FFX Google group at:!forum/flexganttfx

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