Survey: JavaFX 8 Missing Features


One sentence that I hear quite frequently when discussing JavaFX with other developers is that JavaFX “does not do XYZ” or “does not support XYZ”. Often they list features that are indeed available in other technologies / frameworks. To get a better understanding of these “missing features” I thought it would be good to create an online survey and to collect them. Ideally we end up with a complete list and ideally we have the perfect UI framework if we can check off every single item on the list. 🙂

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-10 um 16.34.11



  1. Binding from FXML to Controllers, at the moment, one can only bind the entire control / node via fx:id or a control’s action via #action. Would be great to have it also binding properties like text=”${}” where person is a model object on the controller

  2. Canvas/GraphicsContext needs to be updated to support rendering every bit as well as Nodes. A couple of things I’ve noticed missing are in Text (integer font metrics to allow smoother rendering) and in Image (we need a nearest-neighbor rendering mode to prevent blurring on hi-dpi displays). It would also be nice if WritableImage could provide a GraphicsContext.

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