CalendarFX 8.4.0 Released

I would like to inform you that version 8.4.0 of CalendarFX has seen the light of day today. You can download it here. The first thing you will notice is the different version scheme. CalendarFX now uses the target Java version as its first number. In this case 8. With Java 9 lurking around the corner there will be a Java 9 compatible version soon which will start with number 9. Even though this is a new major release the current license keys will continue to work.


Anyone planning to upgrade to this release should be aware that there have been quite a few changes in the structure of the controls and their CSS styling. All of these changes were made to improve the framework, especially performance. Please make sure to read the CHANGES.txt file. You will most certainly have to invest a day or two to execute the upgrade.

If you find yourself having trouble upgrading then please use the CalendarFX forum on to ask for support.

Major new features in 8.4.0:

  • Printing support: a new control called PrintView has been added. It is already integrated with the CalendarView class, so anyone using this control will have a whole new user experience when trying to print.
  • Now using a responsive layout in the “day” page of the CalendarView control.
  • New control “MonthSheetView” for showing multiple months in a column layout.
  • New control “DetailedDayView”: a “DayView” with chrome (time scale, calendar headers, all day view, scrollbar, etc…)
  • New control “DetailedWeekView”: a “WeekView” with chrome just like DetailedDayView.
  • New control: “ButtonBar”: for showing segmented buttons.
  • New control: “DayViewScrollPane”: for custom scroll pane behaviour that not only knows how to scroll the embedded day view but also changes its properties so that the current time range stays visible when the scrollpane gets resized.
  • and so on ….

More detailed blog posts will follow in the next couple of weeks with information on the new controls and the overall changes.

I hope you will enjoy the release and that you will let me know about any issues you encounter.

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