JavaFX Days Zurich

Today is the day: the website for the “JavaFX Days Zurich” has gone live and I hope that it will find a lot of interest in the Java developer community. The idea behind this conference is quite simple: to provide an event that is highly focused on JavaFX technology and to bring together the leaders in this area with interested parties. Over the last couple of years I came to realize that even though JavaFX is a pretty cool piece of technology it is not getting the attention it deserves because of the overwhelming concentration on anything that runs inside the browser. Hopefully this conference can make a difference.



  1. Will the events be recorded? I would be willing to pay to watch the talks if they are recorded.

  2. We are currently in the process of determining the final location / hotel, but it will definitely be somewhere in the center of Zurich. Most likely around Europaallee / near the main train station / Hauptbahnhof. We are in talks with various hotels and conference room providers. With a little bit of luck we will now by Friday and discount coupons for the hotel will be offered.

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